Our footpegs are available in different color and surface options. The colored versions are powder coated by certified German companies. The flanks are grounded after that.
Polishing and grinding of the components are handmade by a German company.

We are also able to produce on customer requirement a small number of footpegs in any color.

honed or polished
red as blood...

black as ebony...

white as snow...

orange - visual highlight for KTM driver

delivered in an exclusive wooden box

plastic grinder

The plastic grinder / crash pads are made of abrasion-resistant, fibreglass-reinforced plastics by injection molding.



To prove the reliability of the footpegs a stress test has been performed on a resonant testing machine of Sinco Tec.
With this machine the whole dynamic profile that occurs during rough rides can be mapped.
resonant testing machine

test set-up

The footpeg has been clamped in an appliance which considers the installation position and fold-function corresponding to the motorcylce. (picture 1)
The force has been passed dot-like with a tender paddock-rod between the three outermost spikes. (picture 2).

test set-up force place

test execution

The fold-function of the footpeg allows only workload in one direction. The footrest should be checked first swelling with 0.8 kN (à 80kg) without preload.
This was not feasible with this machine.

With zero preload the paddock-rod lifted up - the machine switched off automatically after a few seconds. To prevent lifting of the paddock-rod preload has been gradually increased up to a value of 2.0 kN (200kg) Only after reaching this extremely high value the test could be passed without interruption. The amplitude was set to 0.5 kN (50kg).

Although there is hardly no way to reach this extreme load in real life the footpeg breaks only after 639734 cycles and meets the requirements fully.
The strong deformation and the fact that the footpeg is not completly broken through shows a ductile behavior of the material.
=>Spontaneous failure can not be expected.


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